Confectionary Chef Ewald Notter to conduct classes in Manila

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  • February 11, 2014

A number of chefs I admire look up to him. I know they travel far and go to great lengths to attend his classes. I remember witnessing quite a commotion on Facebook over a book he signed — with the book owner so giddy and everyone inggit. So yeah, I’ve heard of him. I know he can do awesome things with sugar and chocolate, that he’s among those who are up there. But it was only recently that I realized how far up there he is.

Chef Ewald Notter

Chef Ewald Notter

Chef Ewald Notter has worked and competed in over 15 countries, winning numerous awards including at least 15 gold medals, as well as National and World Pastry Team Champion, and Pastry Chef of the Year. As part of the 2001 U.S. National Team in Lyon, France, he scored the highest ever recorded number of points for sugar, 699 out of 700, helping the U.S. Team achieve its first and, so far, only Gold Medal. Chef Ewald has been honored by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences with the 5 Star Diamond award as “One of the Finest Confectionery Chefs of the World.” He was also the first pastry professional inducted into the Pastry Art and Design Hall of Fame. He remains to be a prominent figure in the most illustrious competitions as venerable coach and distinguished judge. He is widely respected as an innovator, having introduced many ‘firsts’ that have helped mold the craft and advance the industry. Wow!

And guess what, the lauded master of modern day confectionery arts is going to be in Manila in a few weeks!

Chef Ewald is conducting a 2-day hands-on class at the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Learn how to make 7 types of chocolate bonbons using different techniques, focusing on no molds on February 28 to March 1, from 8am to 4pm. Only 12 slots are available. I don’t know how many there will be left by the time you read this, I can imagine fans scrambling to enroll. Each participant will be made to do a chocolate showpiece too! Class fee is P38,000.00

You may also catch him at Enderun Colleges for a 1-day demonstration on 3 types of chocolate bonbons plus chocolate showpiece techniques on March 2 and 3, from 2pm to 6pm. Class fee is P4,300.00. Pastry Alliance of the Philippines members get a discounted rate of P4,000.00.

Ewald, poster with sponsors

Chef Ewald has been teaching for 35 years. He started in Switzerland, then taught in Germany, UK, America, he’s been pretty much everywhere! All his former students only have two words for him — the best! Prodded to elaborate, I was told that he is patient, sincere and down-to-earth. So it’s easy to learn from him, you won’t get intimidated! “He is not a show off, he has no ego!,” gushed one former student.

Among the Pinoy chefs who have attended the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, Florida are prime industry movers Penk Ching (of Pastry Bin), Peachy Juban (of Shortcrust) and Buddy Trinidad (of Park Avenue Desserts).

Created during one of Chef Ewald Notter’s classes. Yes, that’s made of sugar!

Created during one of Chef Ewald Notter’s classes. Yes, that’s made of sugar!

Aside from teaching, Chef Ewald has also been busy coaching teams for competitions. He coaches young people from around America, even Canada and Switzerland and they top their competitions. “He just likes to help out and stay in the background,” was what I heard.

Working with chocolate

Working with chocolate

Chef Ewald says he always strives for elegance and many have declared him to be very successful in his goal. He has starred in four videos involving chocolate and sugar decoration for the Culinary Institute of America, which became their best-selling videos. He has published several highly notable books on his craft: classic references ‘The Textbook for Sugar Pulling & Sugar Blowing’ and ‘Das ist Zucker—That’s Sugar‘, and 2010’s ‘The Art Of The Chocolatier‘. A beautiful new release, ‘The Art Of The Confectioner‘ has been hot topic since its debut in April 2012.

The Art of the Chocolatier’ and ‘The Art of the Confectioner’ will be sold during all his classes in Manila (hopefully they don’t run out before the last class!).

For course inquiries and bookings, email Peachy at or Joanne at Full payment prior to the classes is required to secure participation.

The organizers would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Callebaut Chocolates, SweetLink (hi Nelson Co!) and Bakersfield for their big help.

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