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  • May 28, 2018

I have been going to Kirsty Norton for more than a year now but I still cannot quite explain what exactly she does. All I know is I always feel better after every session with her. Less anxious, more hopeful.

“I hold space for myself and my clients to ‘be’. To walk their path, experience their lessons, understand their choices, enrich and empower their lives,” she simplifies.

Our appointments normally last approximately 90 minutes. We begin with a chat then she makes me lie down and close my eyes. Everything is silent as she moves around and lightly rests her hands on my head, my arms, my feet, etc. Sometimes I smell something burning. “I light white sage which cleans out any unwanted or negative energy and blow the smoke into your aura, some yerba santa for personal power, and palo santo for increasing immunity and its general gorgeous smell,” she enumerates.

She says she uses DoTerra essential oils too. During my last visit I remember her playing a singing bowl to open and close the session. “Sound also has a vibration or frequency and is very healing. Mine is for the solar plexus and personal power,” she reveals.

Kirsty usually sends me off with some cryptic message. I would frequently be wondering, why is she telling me this? It takes me awhile to understand why I needed to hear those words. As I walk out of her place, I get this sense of lightness and for the next couple of days, I am hit by epiphanies. Then magically, I feel at ease with the world.

“I use a mix  of modalities and usually very gentle energy, as that’s what I am guided to do with you. Energetically, you are quite sensitive so I spend time clearing up any unwanted energy that you have and rebalancing your own energetics,” she tells me.

Kirsty has been working for 25 years in the healing arts, with a passion and talent for working with energy, frequency, and vibrations. She is an initiated Inca Shaman, a Reiki Master, Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine, Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Angel Channel, and Spiritual Healer.

“The modalities I apply are blended from all my training, knowledge, and experience. Of course, it is absolutely okay for my clients to choose what they want. At the end of the day, it all comes from the same place and I am the conduit for it all to flow through.”

Anyone can benefit from her healing hands. “I can help people who are feeling drained or tired, people who are stressed, those who have experienced challenges and traumatic experiences like a broken heart, those recovering from illness, those wanting a change in their lives, those who are making a major decision…anyone,” she emphasizes.

Currently, she offers private consultations for healing sessions. She conducts workshops on Reiki and does mentoring too.

She also sells custom made jewellery with crystals intuitively chosen and charged, cleansed, cleared and programmed for the one who will wear it – in other words, they’re filled with awesome vibes!

Labradorite ring set in silver and gold dipped. That’s one and the same ring in the photo – it changes color!


Lapis lazuli bracelet

“The jewellery is very healing. I started to learn silver smithing as I could not find any store in the Philippines that sold jewellery I liked, so I decided to make my own. Then people started asking me if I could make jewellery for them. And people were giving me crystals that I thought I could use to make jewellery.  So the universe really pushed it and then I found a place that could create my designs exactly how I wanted them, right under my nose. Soon I will have my jewellery in some overseas stores in New Zealand and then Singapore,” she relates.

Star rose quartz pendants set in silver and brass

Kirsty has also been concocting crystal-infused chakra sprays or energy mists. Some of the bottles I’ve seen on her Instagram account are labelled Intuition Energy Mist for positive energy, Communication Energy Mist for clear communication, Love Energy Mist for self-love, and Abundance Energy Mist for abundance and creativity. Interesting ‘no?

I know she’s got a few more things up her sleeve and I can’t wait to hear about them. I am always thrilled to read her announcements about new offerings because I know that it just means more ways to reach out to people and help them.

Kirsty Norton was born in Australia, to Scottish parents. She has spent time living, working, and studying in both countries as well as traveling extensively globally.

Maybe she can help you too! Follow @vibrationsbykirsty on Instagram and Facebook.






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