Little Kitchen 7: Goodies by Marlon Aldenese

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  • July 24, 2020

I’ve known Marlon Aldenese for a long time. He handled the advertising sales of Cook Magazine for many years. He also owns the website, What’s New Out There.

He has always been supportive of my projects and is ever present at media events that I organize. Of course, we are also connected on social media. He’s quite active on Facebook and regularly shares updates. I am used to seeing photos of his travels and of events he attends. But lately, it has been all about products that he prepares in his Little Kitchen 7.

Little Kitchen 7’s leche flan is baked, not steamed.


Business seems to be going well. I see him dispatch a lot of orders every couple of days and he is quickly expanding. If I am not mistaken, he started with just leche flan. Before long, I was seeing banana loaves in different variants. And just a few weeks ago, I spotted another new item on his menu – egg pie! All guaranteed freshly-baked, using quality ingredients.

The banana loaf is hefty for the price. It is perfectly moist and dense.


“I want to share my personal favorite desserts and goodies which I personally bake,” he had posted. Apparently, he has always been baking. In fact, he used to bake cakes to give as gifts to his clients. Wow, I guess that means we can expect more creations from him soon.

Conveniently-packaged, it’s so easy to consume. Moist and yummy, it’s so easy to eat too much of! I hate you, Marlon!

This slice is too small, so I had two!

For now, here’s what Little Kitchen 7 offers: Creamy Leche Flan (P100), Eggpie (P300), Banana Loaf (P170), Banana Loaf with Raisins (P200), Banana Loaf with Cashew Nuts (P200), Cake to Go – Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache (P150). Prices are exclusive of delivery fees. Payments can be made through GCash or his East West Bank account.

As Marlon promised, his leche flan is not too sweet. Which for me translates to “easy to finish in one sitting”. Ack!




That wonderful crunchy layer on top adds texture to the banana loaf. “That’s my style, like butterscotch,” explained Marlon


I like that the crust is thick – more texture and less umay.

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