LTB Philippines Chefs Association’s International Chefs Day Celebration at Bistro Manuel

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  • October 20, 2017

Today is International Chefs Day. The LTB Philippines Chefs Association celebrated in advance last Tuesday, October 17 at Bistro Manuel.

Chef Ariel Manuel prepared a degustation that wowed his colleagues in the industry. Everything was perfect. Even the service was topnotch.

Caramelized Eel and Spiced Melon.
75% Cocoa Chocolate Coated Chorizo. Fried Brie de Meau.


Sea Urchin Flan, Octopus and Plump Shrimp, Spiced Aioli and Amaranth.


Sardine of Mackerel in Lemongrass Oil with Fried Anchovy, Mustard Seed and Miso Spread.


Roast Breast, Immersed Egg, and Bread with Liver of Duck. Plus
Pumpkin Seeds and Hazelnut Oil.


Eye of Rib Eye and Beef Heel Tartlet with Apple Kimchi and Sunflower Sprouts.


Poached White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Crème brulee’ in Passion Fruit Soup with Popped rice.

It was nice to see the chefs in fan mode, delighting in the view of the open kitchen.

Chef Ariel Manuel was missing in action for some time after Lolo Dad’s in Malate closed so this served as some sort of comeback party for him as well.

Proceeds from the event will be used for the 2018 LTB Philippines Culinary Scholarship program. Since its launch in 2005, over 179 hotel and restaurant administration teachers from the rural areas have benefited from it.

Outgoing LTB Philippines Chefs Association president Chef Fernando Aracama updated the members about their other projects such as the cook book drive for a public school and annual trip to underprivileged communities to educate children about healthy eating and sanitation practices. Then he segued to introducing his successor, Chef James Antolin.

Outgoing president of LTB Philippines Chefs Association, Fernando Aracama and the evening’s host, chef Ariel Manuel. Photobombing is one of the finest waitstaff of Bistro Manuel, Christian.

Newly-elected President of LTB Philippines Chefs Association, James Antolin with Unilever Food Solutions chefs Anna Santella, Pipo Aluning, Brando Santos and ISCAHM/Hogsmith’s chef Joey Herrera.

Sito Senn, Rudolph Cabuay, and Gerhard Gendrano.

Rommel and Chris Hinlo.

Roland Laudico, Celine Davenport, Jackie Laudico, Jem Raymundo, Philip Gosiaco, Gilbert Lee, Nelson Co, David Pardo de Ayala, Alan Harrow, Fernando Aracama, Bernard & Jorinda Flour.

Sito Senn, Carol Ponce Pracale, JA Ventura, James Antolin, Vicky Choi, Mia Manuel, Christian, Buddy Trinidad, Jackie Ang-Po, Cherrie Uy-Tan, Raymund Fabre.

Heinz Pelayo, Melissa Ayroso, Nanchi Lin, Goldie San Luis, Mimi Reyes, Tenten Casasola, Robb Gualberto.

Garry de Guia, Ernest de Guzman, Joey Herrera, Sonny Mariano, Ulrich Willimann, Rudolph Cabuay

Anna Santella, Joanne Gendrano, Ariel Manuel, Mark Ledesma, Paulo Sia, Pipo Aluning, and Brando Santos.

The degustation menu will be available until October 31, for P2,500. Bistro Manuel is located at Six Axis Center, 4347 B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 871-8566 or (0926) 7341067.  Follow their account on Instagram.

The LTB Philippines Chefs Association traces its history to 1979. It was founded with the objective of improving culinary standards and developing the Filipino culinary professional. For more information, visit their website, like their page on Facebook , or follow their account on Instagram.



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