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  • August 27, 2021

Kahon pa lang, regalo na. In a world that cheers on the busy and the stressed, isn’t it nice to be reminded that it’s okay to rest?

Go lang nang go! Power through! ‘Yan tayo eh. But do we really have to soldier on all the time?

Taking time off is an investment with big returns. Health is wealth! Besides, when you’re well rested, you’re happier doing what you need to do and you deliver better results.

I think a lot of people need to be given permission to take a break. And mind you, resting is not just confined to the physical. Your brain also requires breaks, your senses need a time out too (so I guess Netflix isn’t always the correct way to chill). And then there’s what they call creative rest, social rest, emotional rest, and spiritual rest.

If you’re ready to treat yourself better and make resting a part of your routine, I recommend getting yourself a copy of Pahin(g)a.

This 206-page journal contains words and prompts written by psychologist Meg Yarcia. These are meant to help you slow down and get meaningful rest.

The daily pages are undated so you can start whenever you want. And there are plenty of dotted blank pages for expressing your thoughts.

The full-color monthly dividers feature artworks of Ivan Reverente and Kyla dela Torre.

Divider artworks are by Ivan Reverente and Kyla dela Torre

Here’s a peek inside the pages of Pahin(g)a. Sharing with you some of the sections.

Word Spotlight


Quick Breather or simple activities to keep you grounded during the day


Little reminders that can make a difference


Focus, Musings, and Ideas to Slow Down


Stickers for the How am I Feeling section.

Every purchase of Pahin(g)a is matched with 2 book donations to children in underprivileged communities in support of the “One Million Books for One Million Filipino Children” campaign of the Center for Art, New Ventures, and Sustainable Development (CANVAS).

The journal has a removable and reusable vegan leather cover available in nine colors: dayap, kalimbahin, ulap, sinag, krema, kayumanggi, lungti, bugnay, alon.

You may purchase Pahin(g)a for P880 at, a local online store carrying children’s books and art-infused gifts.

For updates on their newest products, follow @lookingforjuan on Instagram and Facebook.

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