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  • April 15, 2018

Bubba is her 3-year-old daughter Kalista and Doodles refers to the toddler’s drawings which led Karen Ayala towards the path of entrepreneurship.

“I am in the business of preserving memories, imagination and creativity, one timeless keepsake at a time,” describes the former Associate Strategic Planning Director for one of the top advertising agencies in the country and Brand Manager for Unilever.

How does she do it? By turning your child’s artwork into a pendant, bracelet charm, keychain, or pair of earrings. “Bubba Doodles is a brand that aims to celebrate, empower and raise future builders, creators and innovators by giving proper appreciation to the designs that they create now. We welcome any type of art because we believe that kids create the best with the medium that they are most comfortable and inspired with. We’ve received photos of drawings using paint, pencil, crayon, clay and even paper mache,” she explains. “There are also some parents who prefer turning their kids’ first handwriting or actual love letters to wearable keepsakes that is why we’ve also done a lot of pendants with engraved messages or names using kids’ handwriting.”

Handwriting of a 2-year-old preserved as a keychain

Upon realizing that moms of kids who are still too young to draw were being left out, she started accepting footprints and handprints.  “And there are a lot of clients who want photos instead of artworks to be turned to pendants so we now recreate photos to pendants as well,” she adds.

The parents waited for 10 long years for the little miracle who owns these footprints-turned-pendant

Everything is hand-made, from cutting of the materials to actual engraving or putting details. The high quality stainless steel material used guarantees that every piece is compatible with sensitive skin and can withstand tarnishing – whether used often or simply stored in a box.

“I almost always get a message from clients the moment they receive their order. They either say they love it or they’re super excited to show it to everyone. However, the most important reactions to me are those of the kids themselves! Having been in the business for almost a year, we see that it’s really the kids who get so obsessed with the final outcome. A lot of the kids have even claimed ownership of their mom’s necklaces, bracelets, and keychains the moment they saw them! It’s their drawings anyway, right? There is nothing more exciting to kids than seeing their imaginations come to life in whatever form that may be, that is why we release products just for them and in their most loved formats,” she relates.

This pair of earrings is worn by a mother so proud of her child’s artwork

Prices start at P300 for the small bracelet charms.  The bigger items can go up to P2,800. Because everything is made-to-order and meticulously created, a lead time of 2-3 weeks is required.

No jewelry can possibly be more precious than that crafted from your child’s creativity

Soon we can expect new pieces to be added to the line. Aside from jewelry,  Karen intends to expand to other relevant keepsakes such as dolls, money clips, and the like. “We will also be launching our own line of art materials that are fun and safe to be used by everyone,” she discloses.

Furthermore, Karen is working on a kids’ apparel line called Bebe Bubba scheduled to be introduced this summer. All these on top of being a wife and taking care of Kalista and 6-month-old Kamara. “I am grateful to fellow mompreneurs for being very helpful to a mom who’s starting to build her dream. They gave me a lot of tips and help when it came to knowing how to do things and who best to talk to for specific needs. I never thought the world of mompreneurship in the country was this strong and supportive!,” she enthuses.

A 4-year-old’s drawing as a bracelet charm

Bubba Doodles is based in Quezon City but can ship worldwide. For more details, follow @bubbadoodles on Instagram and Facebook. For inquiries, email or send a message to (0917) 5837208.

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