Rosettes by Gigi Brings Marinduque Staple to Manila

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  • July 9, 2023

A few Christmases ago, my friend Aileen sent me a pack of ornate patty shells called rosettes. I had never encountered them before. “Matagal na ‘yan, part of my life, namana ko ang recipe sa mommy ko,” says Gigi Mogol of Rosettes by Gigi. As far as she can remember, rosettes have been served as snack and pica-pica at her hometown in Boac, Marinduque. The pretty delicacy has been a staple during their get-togethers and celebrations.

Interestingly, rosettes are of Scandinavian origin, we can only speculate as to how they’ve reached the shores of the Southwestern Tagalog province. Maybe sometime long ago, someone visited Sweden or Norway, brought them back, and shared the recipe around. “Ganun kasi sa amin, by word-of-mouth. Yung mga mothers, naghi-hingian ng recipes,” Gigi explains.

Gigi Mogol of Rosettes by Gigi

Fried to a crisp, rosettes are traditionally eaten in Boac with creamy chicken dip. “’Yun lang ang ka-partner niyan sa amin pero lahat puede ilagay, para siyang SkyFlakes, kahit ano!” she remarks with a laugh. Customers of Rosettes by Gigi have three options for the dip: Creamy Chicken, Tuna Salad, and Cheesy Onion. But you can go crazy and try whatever you can find in your kitchen. It works well with jam, scrambled eggs, fruits, ice cream, or you can simply sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Rosettes have a shelf life of three weeks in an airtight container, longer in the freezer. So, you can always keep a stash for when the craving hits, you can just reheat in the oven for a few seconds before eating.

Despite eating rosettes all her life, Gigi has not grown tired of them. “Favorite ko pa rin hanggang ngayon, hindi ako nasasawa. If I want something for a snack, ‘yan pa rin, lalo na it’s perfect for coffee,” she shares.

She was quite surprised to learn that none of her colleagues in Manila have heard of rosettes. So one day, she decided to bring some to their office. She received orders immediately, even her boss became a regular customer. She was a finance officer at a PR firm then, now she holds the post of a quality assurance analyst at a multinational financial services company. Through both jobs, she has been able to squeeze in preparing rosettes.

It wasn’t until her mother, Nelia, passed away in 2009 that Gigi got into making rosettes. Before then, it was her mom who always prepared her favorite. It’s a tedious task that requires patience especially if you’re a one-woman team, it can be tricky to consistently produce perfectly shaped rosettes. But Gigi doesn’t mind, she loves it. “If you like what you do, kung may passion ka talaga, wala kang reklamo.” Because she’s a solo act, big orders require a longer lead time  – best to order at least three days before.

Gigi Mogol with her mother, Nelia.

Rosettes by Gigi thrives mainly through word of mouth and free trial. “Nagpapatikim muna ako, hindi ko kasi ma-explain kung ano siya kasi it’s not in the market. Gusto kong ma-discover ng mga tao na meron palang ganito. Kaya lang, yung iba kasi, pag nakikitang ganu’n ang itsura, sasabihin, ay sosyal! Hindi nila ita-try unless nga magbigay ka ng sample.” The freebies always prove to be worth the investment though.

She admits that there’s a lot to be done in terms of promotion. When she retires, she hopes to go all-out and make the business more than just a side hustle. The goal is to offer other dishes from Marinduque too. “Yung mommy ko, talagang mahilig ‘yun. Magluluto siya para magbenta tapos biglang ‘ay, ipapamigay ko na lang.’ Ang pangarap niya is magkaroon ng kahit man lang isang restaurant na mga recipes niya.” Seems Gigi is setting out to make this dream a reality.

While we wait for that, let’s enjoy what’s currently on her menu.

Rosettes by Gigi:
5 pieces with 100ml dip for P150
10 pieces with 250ml dip for P250
25 pieces for P600 with 500ml dip

Dip options: Creamy Chicken, Cheesy Onion, and Tuna Salad

Order through Rosettes by Gigi on Facebook or text (0916) 222 2979.

All images are from Rosettes by Gigi.

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