The Four-Legged COO of Ollie Bowls

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  • September 18, 2021

December 10, 2020. He was in his mahm’s arms on the way to his furever home. That was the first time I saw a photo of Oliver Concepcion.

Since then, I’ve received regular updates on his daily activities. Reports on how he got along with his uncle Louis, photos of him taking up all the space in bed at night leaving no room for his mahm or of him begging his mahm to stop working and give him some attention.

But apparently, he has been more productive than I thought. Last May 18, I received a request to follow @ollie.bowls on Instagram. I was surprised to find out that the cutie pie has started a business!

With a slight growl he explains how he got tired of hearing his mahm complain about how he chases his bowl all over the kitchen floor making kibble fly everywhere. He’s also had enough of her getting annoyed when he’d splash water everywhere or when he refuses to drink because his water has gone lukewarm.

His solution: Deep and heavy silicone-bottomed bowls with double stainless steel walls.

The depth prevents water from spilling. The weight together with the silicone base keep the bowl stable, so it doesn’t slip and won’t topple. The double stainless steel walls prevent heat transfer so water stays cold longer.

The material is non-corrosive and doesn’t rust, making the bowls super durable. Unlike plastic and ceramic, it is non-porous which means there is no place for bacteria and fungus to settle in. A recent study by scientists at Hartpury University revealed that over time, plastic and ceramic bowls have the highest levels of E. coli and Salmonella. Eew!

There are 2 sizes of bowls available.
Small (P1,500): 32 oz/4 cups capacity, 2.5″ deep, weighing 1 lb.
Large (P1,750): 64 oz/8 cups capacity, 3″ deep, weighing 1.3 lbs.

You can choose from five colors: aqua, black, blue, pink, and red. They won’t easily fade because the bowls are powder-coated.

Best of all, the bowls are customizable! Add P500 and they can laser engrave pretty much anything on the bowls – name, logo, doodle, whatever.

According to Ollie, there’s nothing like their product in the market today. He guarantees them to be the best because he designed them for his own use and he wouldn’t attach his name to a product that’s no good. After all, his standards are high and his taste is impeccable.

R&D is really his domain. As COO (child of owner), that’s his primary focus. A close second is being the adorable face of the brand, he’s the Golden Retriever that you see in most of the Ollie Bowls ads. All other tasks, he delegates to his mahm.

He whines how photo shoots require so much time of his time and energy. “Thank dogness, they let me eat lots of treatos in between takes!,” he barks.

Ollie is aware of the importance of work-life balance and makes sure he doesn’t forget to incorporate naps and play into his schedule. He works out regularly and reserves several days a month for trips to the beach.

So far, so good. Business is booming. Inventory is moving fast (too fast that recently, customers had to wait a bit for a fresh batch of supply). Ollie Bowls has received a lot of wonderful feedback, furparents have shared so many stories on the impact of Ollie Bowls on their babies. Because of Ollie Bowls, there are a lot of doggos and puppers that are healthier, happier, and eating and drinking more with a whole lot less mess.

You may purchase these beautiful pet bowls from

Follow @ollie.bowls on Instagram and @ollie-bowls on Facebook.

**Photos from Ollie Bowls

Ollie on Gotcha Day

The silicone base keeps the bowl stable, so it doesn’t slip and won’t topple.

Large (P1,750): 64 oz/8 cups capacity, 3″ deep, weighing 1.3 lbs.
Small (P1,500): 32 oz/4 cups capacity, 2.5″ deep, weighing 1 lb.

There are five colors to choose from: pink, aqua, black, blue, and red

Can laser engrave name, logo, symbol, even a drawing you made

Cold drinks for the furguests at this pet-friendly restaurant

Ollie (right) with his uncle Louis


Ollie, the COO

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