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  • May 14, 2018

Not so long ago, I worked in radio. Together with the sales team, I conceptualized and executed events that were bundled with airtime in advertising packages. Events + broadcast media = some of the best days of my life!

Sadly, in 2006, the owner decided to reformat the station. Manila’s Lite Alternative, K-Lite 103.5 signed off and so did the team behind it. But thanks to Facebook, we all managed to stay in touch and keep track of each other.

Like most of the on-air talents, Janice Racelis transferred to another station. She stayed in Wave 89.1 for 7 years before going full circle, back to 103.5 K-Lite in its current iteration. She eventually gave up the job and has been focusing on voice work since 2016.


Janice in 2006, during Bohol Beach Break – one of the K-Lite 103.5’s fun adventure races

Janice is ShopTV’s (Home Shopping Network) official voice over. She also voices radio and TV ads.

Are you familiar with this commercial? That’s Janice’s voice you hear.

“I’m a voice actress,” she adds. “I do dubbing. Sometimes my dubbing work can be seen through the Telenovela Channel but it’s mostly aired abroad. I’m also a dubbing director”. No surprise there as this seems to be the typical career path of DJs.

But lately I’ve been seeing another side of Janice on social media. Judging from her posts, she seems to be heading towards fashion entrepreneurship!

“I wouldn’t call it a business, it’s more of a hobby,” she says of GoddessaLove, a brand in honor of her barkada of seven girls. “We called ourselves the “Goddessas”, she explains.

The line started with boho pants. “I would go to out-of-town music festivals, I’d see these thin girls wearing really fun and colorful prints but when I’d check out where they bought them, they didn’t have my size and if they did, the quality wasn’t so great – tears after using it once or twice. I got annoyed at how limited the choices were for plus size girls, so I decided to have them made with my preferences – Pockets are a must-have and garter, in case my weight fluctuates,” she relates.

Boho pants, P950.

Soon, her outfits started attracting attention and friends began requesting for the same pants to be made for them too. “Hassle! Because we’re different sizes,” she thought. “I have no fashion background whatsoever so I didn’t know how to measure for clothes but after a few tweaks and trials, I found the perfect free size! It can fit a girl who’s 120 lbs. and can still be rocked by a girl 80 lbs. heavier.”

GoddessaLove products are one-size-fits-most

Janice prefers to describe her pants as one-size-fits-most. “Thanks to the magic trio: garter, drawstring, and cotton stretch fabric. It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it can fit various body types and it’s very flattering on us girls with the extra junk in the trunk.”

Initially, all she wanted was to use up all the extra fabrics she bought (“I went crazy shopping,” she admits) but with orders coming in from friends then friends of friends, she thought of starting a virtual shop on Instagram in the latter part of 2017.  She also expanded her line to include shorts, headbands, and harem pants. Girls taller than 5’4” might find the boho pants too short for them, so they can go for the harems instead.

Harem pants, P975.

Headbands, P120 each.

Tote bag dimension: 13 x 17 inches

To see the happy customers wearing GoddessaLove products, search #GoddessaLover on Instagram

Janice assures that each fabric design have limited pieces and often it’s one of a kind pants, harem or shorts. “I like variety and I only sell a few items per batch,” she emphasizes, pointing out that producing only a few items per batch ensures that she is able to handle all the orders on her own and also prevents her from getting stressed.

Voice talent, dubbing director,
and goddessa, Janice Racelis

“I’m pretty much a one woman operation. I buy the fabrics, send them out to the shop that sews them for me, post them online, confirm orders and ship them to the customers. I don’t earn much from doing this so while it’s fun, I’m all for it. What I like best is giving girls with different body types something to wear without having to worry if it will fit! Because it will! Us plus sizes are always struggling with options and the market gives us bland prints. It feels good to know what I’ve made can fit me and a girl 50 lbs lighter than me and we’d both look awesome in it!”

Shorts, P650.

To see how different body types, all beautiful and unique women, can fit in the clothes comfortably, search #GoddessaLover on Instagram. To know what items are available, search #GoddessaLoveAvail. Instagram @goddessalove is the only way to order. The Facebook page @goddessaloveph is just to alert the market of the Instagram updates.

Tote bag, P200.




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