Wooden Caddies from K&K Personal Store

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  • October 3, 2018

Jose Mari Chan has taken over the airwaves with “Christmas In Our Hearts” and the countdown to December 25 has started. Are you ready for the holidays? How is your gift list coming along?

If you’re among those who panic annually over what to give away, let me help you by sharing another Instagram discovery – K&K Personal Store.

I was attracted to their page because of their personalized wooden caddies that are available in various styles and sizes – they have something that I think my single gal pals would appreciate, something for my mommy friends or those managing their own homes, and they also have something that I can give to the guys (ahem).

Some of the wooden caddies they make. Available in natural, dark wood, and in black. Production time is approximately two weeks. Prices start at P600, inclusive of engraving.

Upon exploring their offerings, I also found handcrafted wooden letters – as initials, used for names or words; stand alone or framed with fabric background. They also do portraits, hand-drawn and cartoonized. I also got a glimpse of their newest product, paper placemats.

This is from the Littera II line. Clients can choose the color of the letters and what frame and background to use.

K&K Personal Store began selling online in 2016. “We chose this type of business because they say that you shouldn’t get into a business that you do not love. We decided to start the business because of our love and obsession with personalized items. So it really is because of personal interest and passion. At home, almost all of our personal belongings were labelled. We thought that probably, there were a lot more out there who shared the same love for personalized items. And we wanted to service that need, for personal and gifting purposes,” explained Katrina Nicole De Guzman, one of the Ks in the brand name. The other K is her sister, Kamille Nicole.

K&K Personal Store is owned by Katrina Nicole and Kamille Nicole de Guzman.


Katrina and Kamille de Guzman


They call this the Apellido – the family name in the center, surrounded with the first names of the family members. I saw a variation of the same concept on their Facebook page, with the person’s name in the center, surrounded by her admirable character traits.

Together, they design the products, drawing inspiration from various items they see in stores or online. “We believe that what makes our products special is overall quality and uniqueness. We don’t sacrifice quality just so we can sell lower, and we give our customers their money’s worth,” guaranteed Katrina. Service is also a key factor in their business. Not only are their products personalized but the way they engage with their customers is personalized as well. “We value collaboration with our clients. We consider their purpose and preference as much as we can,” she added. And from the onset, they really wanted to develop a store where gift givers could personally be involved in the creative process of a gift’s development.

Eco bag gift packaging

Katrina is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher and works for their dad’s company while Kamille holds a job at a multi-national firm. Still, they make time for K&K. “We love that this business is never ending as materials evolve and interests widen amongst customers. There is always something new to incorporate or something new to create,” declared Katrina. “There are always items to be created but the ‘how’ is the challenging part, dealing with clients who take the personalization or customization to the next level. Sometimes the countless ways to customize a product can also affect our efficiency in the service,” she admitted. But it’s not necessarily a problem, after all, they live by the business tagline, “find a need and then find the solution”.

This is a sample from their Tallado (carving in Spanish) line. They use wood from mango trees.

To grow their market, the sisters promoted K&K through word of mouth. On the first Christmas of operation, they gifted friends and family with their frames. This encouraged orders for Valentine’s Day and other succeeding special occasions. “We set up our social media accounts, we occasionally boost our posts, and strive to post consistently. We also tapped some bloggers such as Laureen Uy,” enumerated Katrina.

Their floral placemats are hand-designed with ink and watercolor. They are working on more paper products, soon to be released are money envelopes and notecards.

To view their products, follow @knkpersonalstore on Instagram and Facebook. For a copy of their catalogue, email knkpersonalstore@gmail.com or text/Viber 0917-8331590.


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