Gift Idea: Nana Coco Polvoron

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  • December 3, 2023

This is not our product, and I have no association with this brand. I include a disclaimer with every package of Nana Coco Polvoron that I give away because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. In the past, I’ve sold various edible goodies, and I have a brother named Coco who is skilled in cooking and has dabbled in the food business. However, Nana Coco Polvoron isn’t ours. I want to make that clear because I’d like the credit (and the orders) to go where it’s due.

Nana Coco is actually a play on the name of Anna Corpin. “Parang grandma Coco din, kaya yung logo ko ay parang grandma,” adds the 30-year-old who built the polvoron enterprise using her mom Mabel’s recipe. She had toyed with the idea for some time but never really acted on it until the pandemic.

Anna Corpin of Nana Coco Polvoron

Anna made her first sale in June 2020. “Pagka-post ko, may nag-order agad,” she recalls. Unlike traditional polvoron that’s molded into shapes (usually round or oval), Nana Coco Polvoron is served in loose form. So, you eat it using a spoon. No more unwrapping individually and gingerly picking up the fragile piece, careful not to break it before you can place it in your mouth. It’s less messy and more convenient, but it also means that you will likely end up eating too much (or is that just me?) because you can scoop as much as you want, as many times as you want

The glass jars that hold the powdered delight are wrapped in the cutest prints. “Ako ang nagde-design ng labels. Ever since, interested talaga ako mag-edit ng pictures, sa arts ganun,” reveals Anna, who was inspired by color patterns on Pinterest and learned to use Photoshop from her brother, Robert. She offers customization and can create special labels according to your party theme. “I ask the customers kung may design sila, pero yung iba sinasabi, ‘bahala ka na, I trust you,’ natutuwa naman sila sa mga nagagawa kong design sa kanila,” she shares.

Motivated by a customer who wanted to bring Nana Coco Polvoron abroad but found the glass jars too heavy, Anna came up with an alternative – paper tubs. Aside from being lighter, it’s also safer for kids. When you order, you need to specify which one you prefer. For those with a family-sized appetite, a big 600-gram plastic bucket option is also available.

Initially, the Nana Coco Polvoron menu only had three flavors. It didn’t take long for Anna to add more. Right now, there are Classic, Tsokolate, Ube, Oreo, Speculoos Crumble, Candy Rain, and Birthday. She based the flavors on cakes and pastries that she commonly sees. “Hindi lang ako basta-basta naglalagay para lang magka-bagong flavor, dapat babagay din sa polvoron at dapat yung mga flavor, ma-e-enjoy kong kainin,” she emphasizes.

She personally handles the cooking process and is very particular about maintaining consistent product quality. “Pag nawawala yung specific ingredient na ginagamit ko, ayoko gumamit ng iba kasi nag-iiba yung flavor. Pati sa flour, nalalasahan ko, iba yung texture, ibang lasa siya.”

With the gift-giving season upon us, Anna is working double time. “Dapat talaga, the people who surround you, sinusuportahan ka din,” she points out, grateful for the contributions of all the members of her family, including her sister Betsy and father Glenn. “Nakikita ko yung appreciation nila,” she says of their reaction to how far she has taken her mother’s recipe.

Anna with her supportive parents – Glenn and Mabel


The next goal is to make Nana Coco Polvoron available in brick-and-mortar stores. In the meantime, you can purchase through Grab, Shopee, and Lazada. Or get in touch directly through @nanacocomnl on Facebook and Instagram.




All images are from Nana Coco Polvoron.

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